About Us

Careways was launched in 1986 and quickly established its professional credentials through the delivery of innovative industry firsts:

  • Careways was the first to develop an employee wellness service for the mining sector; and
  • Careways was the first to offer a leadership wellness service.

Careways pioneering spirit continues to live through its Vision and Mission:


To be leaders in pioneering holistic and meaningful wellness solutions to work communities that deliver exceptional returns for all our clients, staff, partners and investors.


Careways deliver innovative, integrated and comprehensive wellness solutions to work communities by optimising partnerships for enhanced wellness.

 Shareholders & Empowerment

Careways has long been involved in the advancement of the South African wellness industry and are proud of the role we have played in developing this sector’s skills base, we recognise, acknowledge and are supportive of the need for real and meaningful transformation in South Africa’s overall business environment.

Careways is 26% owned by professional Black women and enjoys a Level 2 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment rating.

Accordingly, in doing business with our company and employing our wellness services, client organisations benefit from a procurement recognition level of 156%