How do I know if I can use the Careways Wellness Programme?

  • This programme is for all employees of participating organisations and their direct dependents.

Do I have to tell my boss about it?

  • The WP is private. Any information shared with  Careways counsellors stays between you and the counsellor.  Nothing will be disclosed without your permission.

Will using this service affect how my colleagues view me at work?

  • The WP is confidential, this means that Careways is legally bound to treat your information and any conversations as private.  Using the WP will not impact job security or chances of advancing within the company.

How much do I have to pay to use the Careways WP?

  • Your company pays for the services provided through the WP – so it is free for you and your dependents. You will be required to pay for  specialised referrals.

Can Careways WP help me with a Labour Dispute?

  • All matters relating to labour relations are excluded from the WP service offering.