leadThe corporate landscape is a dynamic one, characterised by long working hours, travel, physical inactivity and stress. As high performing individuals, today’s leaders are under enormous pressure to perform. The responsibilities and pressures of the fast paced modern workplace make it difficult to lead balanced healthy lives. Leaders are markedly vulnerable to wellness breakdowns.

Too often, significant health risks are undiagnosed or unmanaged until serious health issues occur. International research shows that chronic diseases of lifestyle such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, obesity and cancer account for more than 60% of deaths worldwide and more than 40% of lost time in the workplace.

These chronic diseases are usually the result of a lack of exercise during adult life, an unhealthy diet and the prolonged use of alcohol and tobacco products. Distinctly corporate phenomena such as the portability of laptops and smart phones promotes longer working hours and contributes to sub-optimal and interrupted sleep patterns.


If left unmanaged the result is chronic physical and mental fatigue which adversely affects workplace and personal productivity.

Executive wellness is no longer limited to an “annual medical check up”. Through Careways Wellness for Leaders Programme, executives have access to a combination of medical, behavioural and risk management interventions aimed at personal optimisation.

The Wellness for Leaders Programme is delivered by an inter-disciplinary team of professionals at the Careways purpose built facility in Johannesburg. To meet your objectives the programme uses the following process:

  • Evaluation of current health profile
  • Defining realistic wellness goals
  • Identification of sustainable lifestyle changes
  • Planning of lifestyle and behavioural interventions
  • Partnering with Careways for support