Peer Education

Peer education is the process whereby well-trained and motivated people undertake informal or organised educational activities with their peers over a period of time, aimed at developing their knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and skills and enabling them to be responsible for and protect their own health.

Peer education takes place in small groups or through individual contact and in a variety of settings: in schools, clubs, churches or workplaces.

Peer education can be used with many populations and age groups and has more recently been used extensively in HIV and Aids programmes around the world.

Learning from experience

A study of 21 peer education and HIV and Aids prevention and care projects in 10 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean (AIDSCAP) revealed that peer education has been an effective strategy in the prevention of HIV and AIDS.

Peer education in the context of HIV and Aids

Peer education works very well for those who are able to interact on a social level. This encourages a relaxed learning environment where participants in the process feel free to ask questions on taboo subjects and are able to discuss the topics without fear of being judged or labelled and can gain insight through mutual sharing of experiences, knowledge, insights and information.

Peer education is a widely used tool in the response against HIV and Aids and typically involves training and supporting members of a given group to effect change among members of the same group.


  • Peer educators take responsibility
  • Educators and target group speak the same language
  • Peer educators gain skills that are important for their own future development
  • Peer education can supplement other educational interventions, such as the work of social workers, health service professionals, etc.
  • Peer educators can gain access to groups that are otherwise difficult to reach
  • Peer education is relatively cheap

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