Registered Counselors

Careways has successfully partnered with hundreds of affiliates over the years.   If you are Registered Counselor and you a looking for a credible partner who can provide you with income generating opportunities and support your career growth, Careways would like to hear from you today.

The benefits for Careways Affiliates include:

  • Being a part of a muti-disciplinary team when delivering corporate wellness solutions to Careways client base;
  • Opportunities to gain diverse experience in employee wellness, executive wellness, corporate events and onsite wellness service delivery;
  • Remuneration for services renedered at rates above the medical aid rates;
  • Opportunities to gain experience and exposure to holistic case management of patients;
  • Access to our bespoke clinical management system and care centre;
  • On-going training support from Careways including regular information updates via our newsletters and;
  • Income opportunities from conductinmg insurance medicals (i.e for Careways affiliated registered nurses only) and;
  • Access to additional and unique income generating opportunities from Careways strategic partners.

If you would like to affiliate with us,  please fill in the form below and a consultant will get back to you shortly.

Registered Counselors

Please fill in the required form below to become an Affiliate of Careways. Please note, this form is for Registered Counselors only. For all other affiliations requests, please click on the tab "Affiliate with us"
  • Upload section: Please note that documents that are requested below are required in order to continues with your application