Psychosocial Risk Assessments

Many of today’s large diversified corporations have, somewhere within their business, functions that are either deemed as high risk or safety sensitive. Often much time and effort is expended in the development of processes, disaster management strategies and also impact analysis “in the event” an incident occurs. Often overlooked however is the human factor in many workplace safety incidents and in an effort to create a more preventative and proactive approach to safety sensitive functions or critical job roles Careways have developed a number of assessments that can be used;

Pre-employment assessments

  • Recruitment into safety-critical positions

Existing employment assessments

  • Employees promoted into safety-critical

Triggered assessments

  • Post incident assessments

Periodic assessments

  • Ensuring fitness for duty in a safety-critical position, at regular intervals

Careways assessments are customized to suit functional purpose and are directly geared towards finding the balance between operational needs as well as financial imperatives of a business thereby providing an opportunity to assess based on the need and level of intensity relative to the function and profile. The Careways Assessment process is based on the DO IT philosophy;

  • Define – Risks, Behaviours and Objectives
  • Observe – Collect baseline data
  • Intervene – Assess, Educate and Influence Behavioural Change
  • Test – Measure Impact

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