Lifestyle Management“The Corporate soft skills training programmes offered by Careways focus on behavioural competencies that improve interpersonal skills, or “people skills” that build relationships of trust, empathy, and productive interactions, such as anger management, conflict resolution, negotiation and communication skills, team building, personal productivity, strategic thinking and more creative problem solving strategies.

Studies have shown that Soft skills may in fact be more important for career development and organizational success over the long term than many specific occupational skills.

The Careways Soft skills courses are typically presented in a one-hour and 2-hour formats to create awareness and to stimulate discussion and self-exploration on the specific topic. Full and half-day workshops are available on request to explore more in-depth interaction and learning outcomes.


Having 27 years business experience and an intimate knowledge of the EAP and Wellness industry makes Careways the provider of choice for consultation services to existing EAP training programmes  and to offer support and guidance to the appropriate decision makers within companies. Whether you are looking to expand your current soft skills training portfolio by offering more options, or want to create new work-life programs for the employees in your company, Careways can help.

Careways Training focusses on innovation and interactive consulting, thereby assisting clients in designing creative approaches to investing in Human Capital. Services provided include:

  • Soft skills Organizational assessments and surveysCareways-training
  • Soft skills training Impact studies and needs analysis
  • Soft skills services Benchmarking
  • Soft skills and Wellness Strategy development
  • Providing employee Trend analysis related to specified areas
  • Identifying and managing Employee focus groups
  • Unique Wellness support program initiatives

The training consultancy will be offered on a needs basis and will involve close collaboration with the relevant Client in-house departments in order to identify needs and to propose the most appropriate training solutions.

Training Delivery Methodology

The Careways training interventions are delivered in conventional face-to-face format using a network of experienced and qualified trainers.  Depending on the target audience and access to technology, more innovative training delivery methodologies can also be utilized, such as the use of webinars, video conferencing, skype, web-chats and on-line question and answer portals.  These methods will be discussed according to the clients’ needs and available resources.”

For more information on any of our training courses or to book a training course, please contact us via the contact us page