Wellness Days

Organisational Health and Wellness Day Events

Organisational Health and Wellness Events are an effective way of ‘putting wellbeing on the agenda’ in a client company through on-site wellness events conducted at a client’s location. Our service focuses on a variety of preventative interventions, including a number of assessments and training sessions.

Such events create energy and mobilise a client company’s workforce, reduce costs associated with employee health risks and make it easier to sustain a culture of workplace well-being.

Careways has extensive experience in providing health and wellness events to diverse corporate clients over the past decade.  Over the years Careways has exceeded international service delivery benchmarks in the following particularly relevant areas:

  • *Having done 120 000 health risk assessments over the past two years across the country, Careways has the necessary capacity to handle projects of large sizes, with an average track record of participation of 60%.
  • *A national network of project managers, Careways has full time client relations consultants as well as onsite project managers (with nursing qualifications) on a national basis.
  • *An accredited network of registered nurses with the relevant experience, to conduct all screenings.
  • *It has stringent continuous quality improvement processes such as the recruitment, monitoring and development of its staff, implementation of best practice protocols and satisfaction surveys.
  • *Careways’ approach as a partner who cares and creates an environment of shared objectives, mutual respect and passionate execution.

The two primary benefits of on-site wellness events include assisting employees to identify and act on conditions before they become acute and more expensive to treat (through screenings and assessments) and maintaining awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Health screenings that are offered at health and wellness day events include:

Health Risk Assessments

*Blood pressure
*Body mass index measurement
*Blood Glucose

HIV- Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT)

*Group information sessions
* Pre-test counselling
*Consenting to testing and administrative facilitation and enrolment of   employees onto disease management  programmes
*Confidential testing
*Post-test counselling

Tuberculosis Screening

Psycho-social screening

Health and wellness talks/ information sessions

Other screenings as defined by client risk profile or on request

Given that the wellness profile and maturity of each organisation we assist will be different, our services are designed to span the entire wellness spectrum, inclusive of reactive, proactive and preventative facilities. Our approach to the proactive promotion of wellness delivers:

*Greatly enhances organisational productivity;
*Increases awareness on health and wellness issues , thereby promoting a wellness culture
*Provides information on organisational risk
*Motivates employees to make positive behavioural health changes;
*Allows Careways to identify and recommend targeted interventions for specific business units based on the identified and benchmarked risk findings.

Careways resources your most important asset, your people, with a Health and wellness event which is aligned to organisational philosophy and which will, ultimately, benefit any organisation’s business goals and objectives.