Why Choose Us

Careways is widely regarded as a leader in the South African wellness sector, having fashioned new and relevant paths to wellness from its inception through to today. Such has been our success and originality that many corporate enterprises have opted for products and systems developed and offered by the Careways, putting into practice the organisation’s proactive wellness programmes within their own structures.

Given that the personal lives of employees affect the business goals of any enterprise, they will arrive at a crossroads. However by working in partnership with Careways, it is possible for a business to uncover the desires and motivations of employees and to effectively address them by working towards the establishment of common ground, where both business and workforce finds a balance for symbiotic success.


Our approach to the proactive promotion of wellness delivers:

  • Greatly enhanced organisational productivity;
  • Reduced levels of staff absenteeism and business time lost;
  • Improved morale which, in turn, lowers levels of staff turnover;
  • Capacitated members of staff who can manage life changes;
  • Enhanced levels of organisational preparedness;
  • Management and risk mitigation within an organisation

With its industry knowledge and proven track-record, the Careways experience has demonstrated that companies which invest in the wellness ideal, build strong and healthy staff complements over time, are the businesses which will reap long-term success

As pioneers in, and the leading provider of, Employee Wellness Services in Africa, Careways offers work-place performance solutions which lead to tangible employee benefit savings.