Work-Life Balance and Stress Management

Work-life balance is the harmonious blending of the professional and non-professional aspects of life that results in higher professional productivity, better health and more sustainable living habits.  Given the current day-to-day work and personal stressors that individuals face, it is necessary to provide employees with the appropriate coping skills to balance and deal with these factors.   Not attending to these factors can led to higher stress levels and negative physical impacts.


Personal mastery is a journey of individual, personal, continuous improvement. We do not march toward a destination but mine the gold along the way and relish its joys.

Personal mastery is a way of life which emphasises growth and satisfaction in personal and professional life. When individuals learn and grow professionally, organisations will eventually benefit.

Some of the important areas where employees are encouraged to grow and plough back the growth benefits to their teams and their workplace productivity, include:

  • How to respond to criticism
  • Coping with change in life and in the workplace
  • Building resilience
  • Understanding communication in the workplace
  • Managing your time
  • Building self-esteem

On a more personal level, some of the topics include:

  • Dealing with relationships
  • How to be a better connected parent

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